H0M3 was founded in April 2004 . Since then we have created a solid customer base and continue to grow. The IT branch covers a wide range of technologies while the Financial branch is assisting existing departments within our clients structures

Financial Services

Interim Management Organizations typically choose interim managers either to fill roles that are temporary or to fill critical staffing gaps when a permanent manager cannot be found fast enough. Interim management is most relevant when you need a short-term particular type of expertise. Examples might include:

  • A period of change or transition
  • Starting up a new business unit
  • Acquiring a new subsidiary or organizing a merger
  • Managing a one-off project

  • Mid and high-level

    Your project is in safe hands with our interim managers thanks to their expertise and the approach they take. The thing that positively drives them forward is tackling real jobs and taking on new environments. All of which is great for your project, as well as their own track-record.


    We provide DevOps consulting to businesses via freelance Administrator services. We have numerous years of experience in AIX, *BSD, RedHAT .. and other Unix/Linux-like operating systems. Besides the systems we are also skilled in the following services:

  • IBM Websphere (WAS/WPS/W-Portal,...)
  • RedHat JBoss EAP
  • Devops, ansible automation, virtualisation, ...
  • Coding, scripting (ksh, perl, php, sql, jacl, ...)
  • Various (sshd, nfs, samba, mysqld, apache(& IHS), nginx, etc..)

  • Some of our customers which used our services and experience are :
  • ING
  • KBC
  • BNP Paribas Fortis
  • EuroClear
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    9310 Baardegem (Aalst) Belgium
    info (at) h0m3.be